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Im working as a web and app dev. My experience is about frontend and backend development with a love for hybrid, scalable applications. I especially like it to develop with new frameworks and technologys. As well as every job with new challenges and experiences. When I started my first coding job, it was then it became clear what I wanted to do in my life and whats my passion. I think the hardest challenge in the future will be to durable learn new inventions and dont stop with my current knowledge. Thankfully I got the possibility to share my passion and teach other people how to get started with coding.

You will always feel like you don’t know enough. You will always feel like others are smarter than you. This is called imposter’s syndrome. It’s normal and every developer feels it.

Webmasters Akademie Nürnberg
Galaktikos International GmbH
Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft

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Certificates 🚀

  • 🎓
    Diploma Web Engineering
  • Certified Laravel Developer
  • Certified Javascript Developer
  • Certified PHP Developer
  • Certified Linux Administrator
  • 👨🏻‍🎨
    Certified Web Designer
  • 📊
    Certified Web Project Manager


Stuff i've gave to the world 😉


I have made some nice stuff! Stay tuned. Most of it gets released in May and June 2020.